Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services| Ghost Mannequin Effect on your Apparel Product Images

Sam Studio is a popular ghost mannequin image editing services provider located in India and delivering flawless ghost mannequin image editing and retouching services to mannequin photographers, studios, advertising and media, and e-commerce business stores etc.

Ghost mannequin photo editing

Ghost mannequin removal in Photoshop

Ghost Mannequin Effect in Photoshop | Invisible Ghost Mannequin Editing in Photoshop

  • Basic touch-ups to improve garments photos
  • Improving the clothing colors
  • Enhancing neck in your garments photography
  • Adjusting white balance in apparel products photos
  • Eliminating mannequins from clothes products
  • adding/joining necks in clothing products
  • Neck joint services to dress photos

Categories of Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services

Ghost mannequin photo editing/retouching professionals at Sam studio work on your clothing product images and make suitable imaging adjustments to make its visual appealing better than original. Our mannequin editors can retouch all kinds of accessories such as tops, pants, trousers, kurtas, jackets, coats, formal and casual clothing suits etc.

Our mannequin photography retouching professionals can enhance your high-end clothing products and make its outfit in a perfect manner. We can deliver your clothing product outfit images with maximum details. Hence, outsource ghost mannequin product editing services to Sam Studio. Types of ghost mannequin image editing services offered by us,

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Fashion Photography Retouching Services for Model Photographers

Creative Fashion Photography Retouching Services:

Creative fashion photo editing is extensive in promoting professional fashion resume for social networking sites. When it comes to creative fashion photo editing services Sam Studio chiseled alcove for itself. Our professionals elegantly handle fashion image retouching services, fashion photography clipping path services, fashion image editing services, fashion image masking services, adding effects to the image, etc. Creative fashion retouching involves an outright understanding of the trend of the photographer.

Fashion Photography Retouching Services


Sam Studio expertise in creative fashion photography retouching services associate

  • Sculpting the Body Shape Services
  • Fine-tuning Lights and Shades Services
  • Colors and Shadows Saturation Services
  • Enhancing and Regenerating the Skin
  • Contrast and Brightness Adjustment Services
  • Removing Moles, Spots and Blemishes Services
  • Fixing the Scratches and the Creases Services
  • Editing, Changing, Replacing Background Services
  • Removal of Red-Eye and Stray Hair Services
  • Color Correction or Color Replacing Services
  • Wrinkle Removal and Skin Smoothening Services
  • Sharpening Eyes and Correcting Lips Services
  • Teeth Whitening and Softening Eye Bags Services
  • Virtual Weight Reduction Services
  • Natural Skin Tones Adjustment Services
  • Glossy Magazine type airbrushing Services
  • And Much More Creative Fashion Photography Retouching Services

Beauty Retouching Services for Model Photographers:

Beauty retouching is an elemental part of the model photographers photo shoot for the model agency, stock photo company, and professional fashion portfolio photographers. The universal demand of today’s marketplace is the creative high-end beauty retouching services. Sam Studio assures beauty retouching services for professional photographers with high-end outcomes.

Model Portfolio Retouching Services:

Every model photo differs based on portfolio style. With our model portfolio services, we serve professional photographers, high profile companies with own copyright and licensing. Sam Studio quality of Photoshop artist at model portfolio retouching services established on our workflow system in place.

High-End Fashion Photo Retouching Services:

Business use models to promote their products and also have their brand stand out in the market. Our high-end fashion photo retouching with techniques, tools and process change according to the parts of the fashion image. We handle all your needs and requirements and produce realistic touch face and the body skin.

Sam Studio expertise in high-end fashion photo retouching services associate

  • Skin Retouching Services
  • Face Makeover Services
  • Body and Outfit Services
  • Background and Post Production Services

Advantages/ Benefits of Sam Studio Fashion Photography Retouching Services for Model Photographers:

  • Free demo/ free trial for sample images
  • Our digital artist can skillfully bring out the hidden allure in the photograph
  • 7000+ Image Processing Capability in a Day
  • 100+ Certified Graphic Designers
  • Usage newfangled technology
  • Quick time turnaround
  • Competitive prices
  • Simple and easy online numerous file upload application

Sam Studio outsources Fashion Photography Retouching Services for Model Photographers with eye-catching and innovative photographs. We equip 24/7 customer support. For free trial send your sample images to

Background Removal Services | Image Clipping Path Services | Photoshop Clipping Services

Perfect Background Removal Services:

Business has an immense requirement of clean and clutter-free images to highlight their brands. White background adds the unique look to the e-commerce product. Background removal services are not only used to remove elements but also helpful in perfect visual communication with the customers. Sam Studio with advanced image background removal services we can add or remove any background such as white, transparent or any other background images. Our perfect background removal services are suitable for photographers, image editing agency, e-commerce industry, real estate industry, event management, and much more.

Background Removal Services

Cost-Effective Image Clipping Path Services:

Photoshop clipping path services benefits in cropping the desired portion of the image. We equip wide range cost effective clipping path services according to your budget. Sam Studio work with globally famous media, fashion, printing, e-commerce, photography and other creative agencies. We have more than 100 certified professional graphic designers who can effectively handle clipping path services, image masking services, neck joint services, book magazine design, natural shadow, vector conversion, color correction, photo restoration, photo retouching services and much more.

Sam Studio cost effective image clipping path services involve

  • Basic Clipping Path Services
  • Simple Clipping Path Services
  • Medium Clipping Path Services
  • Complex Clipping Path Services
  • Multiple Clipping Path Services
  • Super Complex Clipping Path Services

Excellent Quality Deep Etching Services:

Depending upon the image requirement deep etching techniques is implemented. Our professional designers can effectively handle high-end Photoshop software and other advanced tools. Deep etching allows separating the image simply and quickly from the background with excellent quality. With excellent quality, deep etching services benefit in achieving the most appropriate images without transparency.

Professional Neck Joint services:

Professional neck joint services require high-end skills to generate the color difference and perfection in the images. With professional neck joint service our graphic designers who are expert in handling pen tool can enhance the old picture, repair and retouch images, color image, and photo montage services. Image customization can be done beneath these neck joint services.

Complete Digital E-commerce Product Photo Editing Solutions:

E-commerce product photos can fascinate customers, only when the images get edited perfectly. Sam Studio provides complete e-commerce business solutions. Complete digital e-commerce product photo editing services for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C solutions. Some of our proficiency involve in e-commerce product photo editing involve image isolation, image extraction, hiding the neck services, clipping path services with original shadow, e-commerce image creation services and much more.

Advantages/Benefits of Sam Studio Background Removal Services-Image Clipping Path Services:

  • Skilled and experienced professionals
  • Cost economical services
  • High-quality and high-resolution images
  • On-time and Quick delivery
  • Data security

Sam Studio overture perfect background removal servicesquality image clipping path servicesPhotoshop clipping services with high-end image innovative design and high-resolution images. We equip 24/7 customer support. For free trial send your sample images to

Realistic Virtual Staging Services for Real Estate Photographers

Realistic Virtual Staging Services:

Real estate business will never progress without realistic virtual staging services. Virtually stages homes frequently sell for the greater price. Mostly real estate promoters and sellers have an obstacle in visualizing their empty property. Our professional designers can elegantly transform your empty property photo into delightfully virtually stages home through our realistic virtual staging services. Real estate realistic virtual staging services are favorable for Real estate property managers, real estate agents, photographers, home stagers, builders and much more


Realistic Virtual Staging Services

Staging in a Virtual Reality:


Tremendous visualization in marketing sells property quicker at more advanced value. The staged photography has a virtually stager water mark which helps in confess the image is virtually staged. It is essential when you are using virtual staging the property images are digitally enhanced in virtual reality. Our virtual reality staging services can clear confusion and gives a clear picture of the property. Sam Studio virtual reality staging has benefit for better-qualified renters, charge higher rent, market your property to buyers in low cost.

Virtual Staging Services for Vacant Property:

Real estate requires more innovative and economical marketing solutions. Virtual staging is periodically used to upgrade the presentation of the property online, living areas, master bedroom, kitchen, game rooms and much more. Property builders first search for property design through online. Real estate property builders broadly stage out their main model through the internet this acts as an alcove virtual staging services for the vacant property.

Virtual Staging Solutions for Real Estate Photographers:

Virtual staging is simply the appropriate technology to showcase the photograph of the property and professionally decorated with our graphic designers. Virtual staging solutions cost less than hiring a stager. With progressive 3D rendering technology, we offer fascinating property virtually staged. Using 3D rendering technology our virtually staging team can add designer’s couches, tables, rugs, lamps, TV, draperies and much more furniture to furnish the property.

Sam Studio Virtual Staging Solutions for real estate photographers involve

  • Slide show with photo effects
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile optimized tour
  • MLS versions
  • Statistics
  • Photo delivery
  • Google map
  • Google map street view
  • Complimentary agent profile
  • And much more

Outsource Real Estate Virtual Staging Solutions:

In real estate property promotion virtual redecorating of property and other unique real estate home staging solutions are vital. We Outsource real estate virtual staging solutions for individual house owners, real estate agencies, interior designers, furniture store and much more companies.

Sam Studio outsources creative and high-end Realistic Virtual Staging Services for Real Estate Photographers with innovative design. We equip 24/7 customer support. For free trial send your sample images to

Photoshop Color Cast Removal and Color Correction Services for Photographs

Instant Photoshop Color Cast Removal Services:

Color cast images lack natural color due to skimpy lighting and indigent color fading. Other reasons which are responsible for the color cast are the white balance, weather conditions, bright lights, artificial lightings, skies, etc. This is an exceptionally ambitious task to spot out the color cast and eliminate them from photographs. Our team of graphic designers is expert in handling advanced versions of Photoshop who efficiently manipulate instant Photoshop color cast removal services in quick time.


Photoshop Color Cast Removal Services

Sam Studio Specialization in Photoshop color cast removal services associate


  • Sharpness Correction Services
  • Brightness/Contrast Correction Services
  • Gloss/Matte Finishing Services
  • HDR Blending & Editing Services
  • HDR Blending & Correction Services
  • Color Balance Hue Adjustments Services
  • Red Eye Removal Services
  • Adding/Removing an Object/Person Services
  • Removing Dots & Blemishes Services
  • Removing Tattoos, Scars, and Wrinkles from images

Color Correction Services for Photographers:

Some image contains imperfect lighting and over-exposure. With our digital photo color correction services, color inequality can be altered to acquire a coveted result. Some of the industries and we serve portrait studios, printing studios, catalog companies, publication companies, logo design firms, retailers, stock agencies and much more.

Sam Studio expertise in color correction services for photographers involve

  • White Background Correction Services
  • Adding Motion Effect Services
  • Adding Highlights & Shadows Services
  • Improving Skin Textures Services
  • Digital Slimming Services
  • Adding Sun-tan Effect to the Image
  • Eye Color Change Services
  • Image Bracketing Services
  • Perspective Correction Services
  • Ghosting Correction Services

Photo Color Correction Services:

In the current business world, photo color correction is the elementary aspect of designing and marketing. Photo color correction services are crucial for the business to increase the brand popularity and for business development. Photographers use color correction services to remove the disturbing color of the image and add perfection to the structure. Our professional photo color correction benefit to gear up your business.

Outsourcing Color Cast Removal Services:

Correcting color cast require high-end skills to find out the defects in the color. Our team of professional graphic designers who are expertise in providing exceptional color cast removal services. Outsourcing color cast removal services enable to achieve the perfect color balance.

Benefits of Outsourcing Color Cast Removal Services:

  • You obtain realistic and precise photographs
  • It reduce cost of expensive photo shoot
  • Our assistance from expertise and experience in handling projects profitably
  • You can relish the supreme quality of photographs through Photoshop

Sam Studio is the leading graphic design service provider which offers exceptional services for Photoshop color cast removal and color correction services for photographs for quick business turnarounds. We equip 24/7 customer support. For free trial send your sample images to

Professional Website Designing Services at Low Prices

Professional Website Designing Services:

Standard website design with multi-page site let you get popular in the business market. Professional website designing services are useful in sharing product photos, videos, and your location through the map. We design the website for small scale and large scale companies according to their business requirements. Our professionals create the professional and effective website for small business. With professional website designing services, we can adequately build websites on popular platforms. Sam Studio expertise in professional website designing services involve

Professional Website Designing Services at Low Prices

Elegant Website Design for Your Business:

Our team of professionals is highly skilled and talented Website developers who can design your business websites with the creative and unique design. We create the most elegant website design for your business. Our design specialization will dominate all devices, custom design, e-commerce capabilities, exclusive content management, search marketing power and much more. Our professional’s architect constructs using various languages as per your business needs, languages like CMS, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.

Affordable Website Design:

Small business owners will not able to spend a lot for the website. Our website designs are affordable and cost worthy. We build affordable website design advanced technology with mobile responsive, free hosting, solid foundation, free tools, simple to maintain, built in optimization. Our specialization is you can choose your design according to your budget range with advanced custom enterprise websites and portal development services. We develop websites with WordPress platform which makes updating your with just one click with transparent maintenance.

Outsourcing Website Design Services Provider:

Sam Studio is the best outsourcing website designing company in India yield website designing services globally. We hand over innovative, creative and professional websites with the user-friendly design. We are eminent of client requirements such as graphics, WordPress, Magento, web development, e-commerce websites, online marketing, SEO, mobile website solutions, web hosting and much more. We outsource clean, smart and effective professional & custom website designing services without a high-price tag in short period of time.

Sam Studio is the leading website designing services provider which offer professional website designing services at low prices with excellent design in quick time. We equip 24/7 customer support. For more details contact us on

Wedding Photo Retouching Services – Wedding Photography Editing Services

Wedding Photo Retouching Services:

The wedding is a significant life event in anybody’s life. Wedding photo retouching services are not only for professional photographers, any wedding photo can be retouched with our high-end retouching. Our team of digital artist proficient in wedding photo retouching services and dynamically enhances your wedding photos using advanced editing tools and techniques. With our professional wedding photo, retouching services can recompose and retouch your wedding photographs, removal of unwanted shadows and people, etc.


Wedding Photo Retouching Services


Sam Studio expertise in wedding photo retouching services involve

Wedding Photography Editing Services:

Everyone wish to have their wedding photo to be elegant and impressive. Sam Studio overture professional wedding photography editing services. HDR is a tremendous approach for capturing photographs. HDR photo shoot in wedding facilitates us to seizure the heartwarming moment in a perfect single shot. We adorn wedding photography editing services to business and public. Sam Studio equip digital wedding photography editing services associate

  • Adding People/Removing People
  • Recomposing a Photography
  • Smoothing Creases from Clothing Services
  • Creating Mood in Dull Photography
  • Combining Images for Missed Group Shots
  • Retouching Skin/ Body Shape Services
  • Improving the Poor Quality Wedding Photography
  • Removing Unwanted Objects/Shadows
  • And Much More Wedding Photography Editing Services

Wedding Photo Post Production Services for Professional Photographers:

Wedding photo post production is a demanding and onerous task.  Our wedding post production services desire to attain legitimate colorful images. Many couples compare their wedding photos with other people wedding photographs. Some wedding photographers do wedding photo post production work by themselves which usually consume more time. Post production is not just retouching it constantly improve your business and increase your brand popularity.

Photoshop Lightroom Wedding Photo Editing Services:

Photoshop Lightroom is a most popular and commonly used tool for graphic designers. We have professional graphic designers who can efficiently enhance wedding photo to perfection. Our digital designers are expert in using advanced versions of Photoshop lightroom tools. With Photoshop lightroom Sam Studio digital artist adequately execute color balance, remove red-eye effect from wedding photo, sharpening, noise reduction, converting to black and white and much more.

Outsource Wedding Photo Editing & Retouching Services:

Sam Studio outsources wedding photo editing and retouching services to deliver outstanding wedding photography. Some of our outsource wedding photo editing & retouching services involve high-quality image editing and picture processing services, cosmetic retouching and subtle photo airbrushing, product cutout & pack shots, wedding album retouching services, color correction and high-end photo retouching and editing services, photo restoration services, etc.

Sam Studio is the best graphic designing service provider which offer services wedding photo retouching services- wedding photography editing services to Onshore & Offshore companies. We equip 24/7 customer support. For free trial send your sample images to